../ whoami

Hello, stranger on the internet.

Currently, I work as a software security consultant, and my work activities are mainly related to penetration testing, with a focus on web applications.

It's hard to describe exactly what you will find in here. What I can say is that in here I will share fragments of my life, such as technical posts or more personal writings, which I think are worth sharing. I do this as a way to explore ideas that interest me and also with the intention of sharing something that can be useful for other people as well.

I'm deeply interesting in various aspects of our ability to learn and even more so on our ability to teach. A few years ago I decided that I would master the art of teaching, and in order to improve my ability as a teacher I started to create content online. First I did that in italian, my mother tongue and recently I've also started doing it in english. The subjects I teach are all related to Computer Science. My focus for now is security, but I also like programming in general. Below you can find my youtube channels where I regularly post new educational content:

I'm also deeply interested in other fields such as psychology and philosophy. Having met various difficulties understanding myself, other people, and the world in general while growing up, I have developed a deep need for understanding.

I strive to understand the world I was born into

What are the forces that move us everyday?

How can we understand them?

How can we describe them?

I deeply like to teach others the little that I've come to know because sharing is one of the most beautiful form of love. The beauty of learning is multifaceted: not only it improves your own life, it can potentially improve also the lives of those around you, if they also choose to learn.

A good life is about truth, love and knowledge

I hope you find something useful and interesting in my work.

Good luck!