Hello, stranger on the internet, this page is all about me!

There’s a lot to say about each one of us, and it is hard to define precisely oneself at any given point of time. This whomai page therefore is subject to change anytime I feel like I want to express myself in a slightly different way.

My name is Leonardo Tamiano, and I am currently working at CNIT as a cybersecurity researcher.

Since a young age I’ve always introverted and sensible, forever stuck in my own never-ending thoughts. This has always been both a blessing and a curse, because I like the particular ways in which I think about the world, and yet this “being all the time in my head” has caused me various difficulties throughout my life.

After realizing that the difficulties I was facing were making me waste lots of opportunities, I tried to get better on my own. That however did not really work out. Only now, with the awareness that I’ve gained since, I can see why that was the case.

some problems cannot be solved alone, for they require an external point of view

I thus began going into therapy. Since then I’ve been working my ass off everyday on becoming better at managing my insecurities, my fears and in general my problems.

It’s been a while now since I started therapy, and a lot of progress has been obtained since I made that decision: this very blog wouldn’t exist if I didnt improve, and in a way it represents yet anoher step in my therapeutic journey.

Is my therapeutic journey done? No, and I hardly think it will ever be.

It’s hard to describe exactly what you will find in here. All I can say is that in here I will share fragments of my life which I think are worth sharing, whether they are in the form of technical posts or writings about my personal experiences.

Let me now show you my current desk setup.

As you have probably guessed, I deeply like to study Computer Science.

I feel very lucky to have found this subject, and for this I have to thanks in particular my italian high-school teacher, let’s call him M., for suggesting me to read a book called “Il Calcolatore Universale, Martin Davis”, which discussed the birth of computer science. It was a profound read for me, one that opened myself to the extremely fascinating and deeply misunderstood worlds of Logic, Mathematics, and Computer science.

I try to be organized in the way I approach my work, and I particularly enjoy finding optimal workflow solutions that automate boring processes in my life. My motto is:

Lazyness empowers ingeniousness.

This, I belive, is a key characteristic to have when dealing with computers, since after all we should develop technology that makes our life better, not worse!

Lately I’ve also started a project on my youtube channel, where I create detailed technical content about computer science in the italian language. I do this with various objectives, one of which is to teach by example the more technical oriented knowledge that universities are failing to teach.

Other fields that interest me lie between psychology and philosophy.

Why such interests? I guess its because I’ve always had difficulties understanding myself, other people, and the world in general.

These difficulties created within me a deep desire for understanding. That is why everyday I wake up and try to learn new things: I strive to understand the world I was born into.

  • What are the driving forces that move us everyday?

  • What can we do to change and mold those forces so that they lie within the direction of our interests?

  • What are our interests, and why are they like that?

I strongly believe that

only through knowledge and love we can rise over life's inevitable sufering.

I also believe that sharing is one of the most beautiful form of caring, and this is why I deeply like to teach others the little that I’ve come to know. The beauty of learning is multifaceted: not only it makes your life better, but it can potentially improve even the life of those around you.

So, having introduced myself, I hope you find something useful, or interesting, in my work and in my writings.

Good luck!